Linestar Logistics LLC

Linestar Logistics LLC

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Linestar Logistics LLC

Linestar Logistics LLC – a company with +100 trucks. On the market since 2019. Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Has a severe approach to the selection of employees – truckers.
The advantages of the company are high grosses and a bonus system.

  • Request for attraction: company drivers, owner-operators, and lease owner-operators.
Linestar Logistics LLC

Instagram and Facebook promotion

We aim to promote the company in the market and attract as many drivers as possible to join the team. The company is advertised on Instagram and Facebook. We create unique content on the media to search for company drivers, owner-operators, and lease operators.

The main content s filled with informants about the team. Publications of employee reviews and news from the company's life allow you to share the company's real life with potential drivers.
We added weekly columns "Best Gross of the Week" and "Best Load of the Week" to update the created content, demonstrating the company's accurate indicators. Using such topics helps find truck drivers faster.
The design of the Instagram feed has an individual structure with the use of 3D elements. The page design reflects the company's style and provides the conditions for creating unique content.

Results of targeted advertising

Thanks to the active cooperation of the company representatives with our specialists, we can accurately reflect the company’s features and provide complete information for drivers. That’s why we attract up to 1000 drivers’ applications monthly, and 15-20 drivers start cooperating with the company.

Average cost per lead (truck driver questionnaire) – $3.

TikTok promotion

Additionally, the package of services includes content creation and video editing for TikTok, where videos gain many views. This allows you to reach a larger audience and promote the company on relevant platforms.

Telegram channel management

  • Filling the channel with material: Posts, photos, videos. Humorous memes and gifs.
  • Analysis of current topics, news from the trucking world, and discussion. Company's news.
  • Purchase of advertising from bloggers and the public from the truck industry. Targeted advertising/For audience growth.

Main goals:

  • attract company drivers and owner-operators;
  • increase the number of followers on the company pages;
  • promote the company on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Telegram;
  • generate new leads;

Cooperation results:

  • 3,558 followers in Instagram
  • 13K subscribers in Facebook
  • 238 followers on Telegram
  • about 1000 leads per month
  • from 15 to 20 drivers hired per month

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