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for just $0.95-$5 per lead, whether they're
Owner Operators or Company Drivers.
Pixel.Co is your go-to partner for transport companies looking to recruit the best drivers. Our targeted marketing campaigns significantly boost brand recognition and encourage potential drivers to join your team.
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Looking for a reliable marketing agency that can help you attract drivers for your trucking company? Look no further!

Pixel.Co: Your Solution for Building a Resilient Brand and Driver Recruitment. Elevate your trucking brand with our specialized marketing campaigns. Utilizing effective strategies, from social media to loyalty programs, we attract the industry's top drivers. Choose Pixel.Co for unmatched results.

Case studies


Linestar Logistics

In July 2023, Linestar Logistics successfully hired 15 Owner Operators through our services
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WeWorkSmart Logistics

WeWorkSmart Logistics is a dependable trucking company that provides outstanding service to its customers and truck drivers. They have partnered with PixelCo since 2021 and consistently hire an average of 10 new drivers every month.
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Goal Trucking

Great Ohio American Logistics, a recent entrant to the logistics sector, has already established a track record of success. In partnership with PixelCo since April 2022, they've consistently onboarded approximately 5 company drivers each month.
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Discover our work in our case studies

Linestar Logistics LLC is a company we have been actively cooperating with since the beginning of 2022.
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Experience Efficient Online Truck Driver Hiring!

Our expert team works directly with you to understand your unique needs. Using a data-driven approach and the latest technology, we’ll craft the best recruitment strategy for your business.
Discovery and setup
Paid advertising
Lead generation
Drivers Qualification
Hiring Process
Driver on The Road
Here are leads
(an application from a trucker)
for $1 to $5.
(Owner Operator, Company or Lease Driver)
Conversion from
100 applications
1-4 hired
truck drivers.
That's about $340 for a hired driver!

How can we help you stand out from the competition and strengthen your brand?

Advertising Services:

- Comprehensive management and promotion for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Telegram, and LinkedIn.
- Google Ads campaign setup and optimization.
- SEO strategies for improved search visibility.

Modern Web Design & Strong Branding:

Our designers merge creativity and tech expertise, backed by strategic research, to deliver compelling brand designs.

Creative Agency Services:

• Brand identity design: logos, typography, color schemes, corporate graphics, photo edits, and business document designs.
• Photo & video production.
• Branded merchandise design: apparel, accessories, truck decals, promotional items.
• Business card, flyer, and booklet creation.

About Pixel.Co

Pixel.Co is a digital agency boasting 8 years of expertise, with a specialized focus on promoting trucking companies. Our suite of services encompasses both marketing strategies and web development, ensuring our clients stand out in the digital landscape.
Our commitment to excellence is evident: clients’ websites we’ve promoted consistently rank at the top of Google search results, attributed to our meticulous SEO efforts. We pride ourselves on delivering tangible results – our clients typically receive driver applications at a cost of $1-$6, with daily application numbers ranging from 5 to 130, contingent on budget and objectives.
Having successfully executed over 500 digital projects, our robust team of 56 experts is dedicated to integrated online marketing, web development, performance marketing, social media management, SEO, digital project support and development, and strategic consulting.
Alina Nauruz
Founder & Co-owner PixelCo LLC
Yana Narynska
Co-owner PixelCo LLC
Taras Nyshta
CEO of PixelCo LLC

The company that helps

Even if your company has the best working conditions and offers for truckers, no one will know if you do not tell about it! And the best way to уxpress yourself is through social networks.

Proven track record of success

Our agency has a history of delivering results for our clients, focusing on increasing driver recruitment.

Experienced team of professionals

Our team of marketing experts has years of experience in the transportation industry and a deep understanding of the latest recruitment strategies.

Strong communication and support

We provide regular updates and support throughout the campaign to ensure that our clients are informed and satisfied with our work.

Tailored solutions

We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor our services to achieve your goals.

Data-driven approach

We use data analysis and cutting-edge technology to identify your company's best recruitment and retention strategies.

Trusted by Leading Companies in the Industry

We have a diverse range of clients in the transportation industry, including trucking companies, logistics providers, and transportation management firms. Our clients trust us to deliver results and support their driver recruitment and retention efforts.

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