Orlando Xpress Inc

Orlando Xpress Inc

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Promotion in social networks
Attracting truck drivers
Content creation
Creation of brand design
Platforms we've worked with


Orlando Express Inc.

Orlando Express Inc is a large company based in Orlando, Florida. Over 60+ office workers and 150+ trucks.
Has its yards, parking lots, and contracts with brokerage companies on the dedicated lanes.

  • Trailers: Dry Van\Reefer
  • They are attracted by: Company drivers and owner-operators
  • Instagram, Facebook drawing up a content plan. 
  • Daily posting: Design posts, text, and stories.  
  • Creation and layout of video content. Reels.
  • Targeted advertising to attract truckers. 

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn promotion

We have been actively working with the company since 2022. Our main task is to increase the company’s popularity in the transportation market and create all the necessary conditions for generating a large flow of drivers, including company drivers and owner-operators. Drivers are attracted both through targeting and advertising, as well as through regular publications and content of interest primarily to drivers.

Results of targeted advertising

During our cooperation, we brought more than 1500 leads per month for the company. From which 20 drivers were hired monthly. The price for one application varied from 2 to 3 dollars on average. Which is a very cool result and we are proud of it!

YouTube promotion

  • 4 videos per month
  • Scriptwriting
  • Video editing and voice acting
  • Covers for videos
  • Advertising and promotion

TikTok promotion

  • 15 videos per month
  • Scriptwriting and use of trends
  • Video editing and voice acting
  • Advertising and promotion

Main goal: Brand promotion.

Results: After two months of work, millions of video views.

Linkedin promotion

The main goal of this social network the right connections with people and companies. Here the emphasis is on attracting qualified specialists to the team. And new acquaintances
with brokers for further cooperation.
And attract new partners.
The client was very satisfied with our cooperation and we still work with him on an ongoing basis, because our results speak for themselves.

Main goals:

  • attract company truck drivers and owner-operators;
  • promote the company on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • generate new leads and promotion of the company.

Cooperation results:

  • 1353 followers on Instagram
  • about 1400 subscribers on Facebook
  • from 800 to 1200 leads per month
  • from 20 to 25 drivers hired per month
  • 1670 followers on YouTube
  • about 200 subscribers on LinkedIn

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