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We specialize in driving a higher volume of truck driver applications to your business. Leveraging strategic website optimization and targeted PPC campaigns, we’ll propel your brand to the top of Google search results.
Secure the fastest, top-quality driver recruitment for your trucking company at competitive prices!
Within just the first two weeks of partnering with us, start receiving driver applications.
Experience an influx of over 3,000 potential employee applications every month.
For every 100 applications, gain 3 qualified drivers.

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How do we achieve these results?

Through SEO, we strategically enhance your website's visibility to attract new truck drivers. By increasing organic traffic and optimizing for critical search queries like 'trucking company jobs' and 'owner operator job', we elevate your site's ranking in search results. This optimization results in consistent, cost-free driver applications for your business.

Who works on your project?

SEO Manager

This person is responsible for overseeing the entire SEO strategy and managing the team. They set goals, establish metrics to measure success, and ensure that the team is working together efficiently. 

SEO Analyst

This individual analyzes data and provides insights into website traffic, keyword rankings, and other important metrics. They use tools like Google Analytics and SEMrush to identify trends and opportunities for optimization.

Content Writer

A content writer creates engaging, high-quality content that is optimized for search engines. They work closely with the SEO team to identify target keywords and ensure that their content is meeting the needs of the target audience.

Technical SEO Specialist

This person focuses on the technical aspects of SEO, such as site structure, metadata, and site speed. They work to ensure that the website is technically optimized for search engines.

Link Building Specialist

This individual is responsible for acquiring backlinks to the website from other reputable sites. They use a variety of techniques to build high-quality links that can improve the site's search engine rankings.

The process


Website Audit

The first step in SEO is to conduct a thorough analysis of the website to identify issues that may be preventing it from ranking well on search engines. This includes identifying technical errors, on-page issues, and off-page factors such as backlinks.

Keyword Research

Once the website audit is complete, the next step is to conduct keyword research to identify the keywords and phrases that the website should target. This involves identifying the search terms that are relevant to the website's content, products or services and have high search volume and low competition.

On-page Optimization

Once the keywords have been identified, the website's content, structure, and HTML code must be optimized to target those keywords. This includes optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, and image alt tags. It also includes optimizing content for user intent and ensuring that the website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly.

Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization includes building high-quality backlinks to the website from other authoritative websites. This helps to improve the website's authority and trust with search engines, which can lead to higher rankings.

Content Creation

Content creation is an important part of SEO services. High-quality, engaging content can help to attract backlinks and improve the website's ranking. Content can be in the form of blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, and more.

Reporting and Analysis

The final step in SEO services is reporting and analysis. Regular reports should be generated to track the website's performance, identify areas for improvement, and adjust the SEO strategy accordingly.
Google SEO
$1,500 / Month
  • Competitor analysis: Researching competitors to identify the keywords they use to promote their websites.
  • Keyword research: Conducting keyword research to determine the most relevant keywords for the client's website.
  • Website optimization: Conducting an SEO audit of the website and identifying issues that may hinder its performance in search engines. Then optimizing the website to improve its performance.
  • Content creation: Creating unique and relevant content that attracts visitors to the website and contributes to its promotion in search engines.
  • External optimization: Conducting external optimization of the website, including increasing the number of links to the client's website from other websites.
  • Performance monitoring: Monitoring the client's website performance indicators, such as search engine rankings, website traffic, conversions, and other metrics.
  • Effectiveness analysis: Analyzing the results of the promotion and determining the effectiveness of the work done.
  • Strategy adjustment: Making changes to the promotion strategy based on the analysis and performance monitoring results.
  • Reporting: Creating reports for the client that describe the work done, achieved results, and plans for the future.
  • Support: Supporting the client and providing advice on website promotion and its further development.
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