and Facebook
promotion for your trucking company

Instagram and Facebook promotion

By the third week, you can expect initial inquiries from truckers interested in partnering with your company. For the quickest launch and the fastest lead generation from drivers, focusing on these two social networks is highly recommended.
Our Comprehensive Services:
Elevating Your Brand's Digital Presence

Custom Design Solutions:

We provide unique designs tailored for posts and creatives that truly reflect your brand's ethos.

Advanced Advertising Strategy

We employ a mix of organic and paid promotional strategies, delivering captivating advertisements and precise targeted campaigns.

Content Planning:

  • Thoughtfully curated topics and segments.
  • Text crafted for posts and Instagram stories.
  • Video scripts designed for maximum engagement.
  • Professional video content, including trend-responsive reels.

Distinctive Visual Designs:

Our team of designers create layered visuals, ensuring you stand out amidst your competitors.

Personalized Photo and Video Shoots:

Elevate your brand's visual content with our tailored shoots. Pricing starts at $2000, adjusted based on specific requirements.

Content Creation:

With 23 seasoned copywriters on board, we ensure each piece of content resonates deeply with your target audience.

Reels Engineered for Impact:

Prepared by our team of trend analysts, copywriters, and editors, these reels aim to increase your brand's visibility to millions.

Daily Engagement Tools:

We offer consistent posts and stories that provide value, promote interaction, and foster deeper connections.

Holistic Brand Development:

Beyond visual elements, we work towards building a strong, recognizable, and sustainable brand identity for you.
Our approach is meticulously designed to position your brand prominently in the digital sphere, channeling consistent and engaged traffic your way.
Instagram & Facebook Package
Price: $3000 / Month
What's Included:
  • Audit & Analysis: Thorough assessment and market research to better position your brand.
  • Branding: Crafting a corporate style unique to your brand's voice.
  • Strategy Development: Formulation of both advertising and content plans tailored for success.
  • Content Delivery: 30 high-quality posts monthly, ensuring daily brand presence.
  • Engaging Stories: Updated daily to maintain constant interaction with your audience.
  • Design Expertise: Custom designs for posts, stories, ad creatives, and covers.
  • Professional Copywriting: Expert writing tailored for your brand voice and message.
  • Reels Video Content: Complete service from scripting to voiceovers and final editing.
  • Organic Traffic: Leveraging natural driver traffic for better reach and engagement.
  • Targeted Advertising: Unlimited campaigns for precise audience targeting.
  • Driver Applications: Utilizing advertising tools to attract potential driver applications effectively.
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