YouTube promotion for your company

The significance of YouTube for your business:

Utilizing YouTube allows businesses to provide an in-depth overview of their company's strengths and values. Through this platform, you can disseminate corporate videos that spotlight your drivers and their experiences working with your organization. Prospective applicants can also be introduced to the company's policies and priorities, ensuring transparency. Moreover, policy briefings and insights into various departments can serve to bolster your company's reputation, fostering trust and establishing brand credibility. Embracing YouTube as a tool is pivotal for effective business communication and outreach.

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The Process:


Analysis of Channel & Target Audience

  • Comprehensive assessment of the trucking company's existing YouTube channel.
  • Evaluation of the channel's metrics, including subscriber count, views, likes, comments, and overall engagement.
  • In-depth research into the trucking company's target demographics, understanding their preferences and requirements.
  • Competitive analysis to discern the strengths and weaknesses of industry competitors.

Strategy Development for Promotion

  • Identification of primary promotional objectives and relevant performance metrics.
  • Crafting a strategic content marketing approach, complemented by a detailed channel content plan.
  • Selection of promotional methodologies, encompassing SEO enhancements, YouTube advertising initiatives, and potential blogger collaborations.
  • Allocation of the budget and establishment of the project timeline.

Turnkey Video Production

  • Conceptualization and planning of video content.
  • Development of the script and scene breakdown.
  • Execution of video shoots in adherence to the defined script or sourcing and adapting stock footage.
  • Incorporation of relevant audio tracks, ensuring sound quality.
  • Post-production video editing, inclusive of graphical elements and special effects.

Video & Channel Optimization for SEO and User Engagement

  • Integration of pertinent keywords for both video and channel enhancement.
  • Formulation of precise and relevant video tags and descriptions.
  • Refinement of video titles, descriptions, and tags to augment user appeal.
  • Design of bespoke thumbnails tailored for each video upload.

Design & Execution of YouTube Advertising Campaigns

  • Initiation of advertising campaigns specifically tailored for the trucking company's YouTube channel growth.
  • Launching of contextual ads on YouTube, Google, and related platforms.
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of campaign performance.

Results for our clients

Youtube promotion
$2800 * / per month - the price changes as the number of videos increases.
  • 4 videos per month
  • Channel description
  • Marketing strategy
  • Script writing
  • Video editing
  • Voice acting if necessary
  • Setting up advertising to attract subscribers and increase views.
Addition: The advertising budget is not included in the price.
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