Creating a website is an effective marketing tool for the company to attract potential truck drivers

Additionally, a website provides convenient access to essential information, enhancing customer experience and saving valuable time. It ensures the company's competitiveness by distinguishing it from rivals, bolstering credibility, and fostering a favorable reputation.
The website serves as a platform to showcase strengths, experience, and industry expertise, ultimately earning the trust and confidence of potential clients.
For trucking companies, we provide two website options:
  • A comprehensive corporate website with multiple pages, including a blog, for enhanced promotion and SEO optimization.
  • A one-page website or landing page with complete information and a driver application form.


After the project is completed and delivered, we can help address any questions or issues. Additionally, we can assist with populating the site by creating and publishing relevant articles for you.

The process of development



A discussion of the goals, tasks, audience, and functionality you want to see on your website.

Market research and competitor analysis

This helps better understand the audience's requirements and preferences, as well as identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.

Site structure and layout creation

At this stage, our developers determine which pages will be on the site, how they will be linked together, and how content will be organized on each page.

Website design

In accordance with your company's brand identity, our designers create a visual for the site that provides ease of use and an exclusive look.

Development and functionality testing

At this stage, developers start creating code for the functionality that was defined in the first stage.

Website content creation

Website content is created from scratch by our copywriters or transferred from an existing site to a new one.

Website optimization for search engines

SEO specialists optimize the site to improve its positions in search results, including optimizing keywords, metadata, and page load speed.

Testing and debugging

The entire site is tested and debugged to ensure proper operation on all devices and browsers.

Launch preparation

The site is prepared for launch, including hosting setup, domain registration, and analytics tool configuration.

Launch and support

After the site is launched, the development team ensures its support and resolution of any issues that may arise.
Landing page
A landing page is a single-page website created to attract potential leads/customers and collect contact information. It's a brief, persuasive offer whose goal is to get the lead/customer to leave their information
Development of a single-page website
  • Brief and consultations
  • Design development
  • Creation
    of the landing page structure
  • Content filling for the landing page
  • Optimization of the landing page for SEO
  • Testing and debugging
  • Launch and support 
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Business Card Website
A website-visit card is a small website that usually contains information about the company, its products, and services. The goal of such a website is to introduce potential leads/customers to the company and establish initial contact
Development of a website with 4-5 pages
  • Brief and consultations
  • Design development
  • Creation of the website structure
  • Content filling for the website
  • Optimization of the website for SEO
  • Testing and debugging
  • Launch and support
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Corporate website
A corporate website is a larger website created to represent a company online and provide its online presence. It contains a large amount of information, including the company's history, description of its offerings for leads/customers, news, and contact information. Additionally, a corporate website may contain additional functionality such as an online store, online booking system, etc.
Development of a website with 6-8 pages
  • Brief and consultations
  • Design development
  • Creation of the website structure
  • Content filling for the website
  • Development of additional functionality (e.g. feedback forms, product and service catalogs, news feed)
  • Optimization of the website for SEO
  • Testing and debugging
  • Launch and support
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Site support
$350 / Month
  • 4 blog articles
  • Add information about new partners, dedicated lanes, or brokers
  • Solving technical problems
  • Adding reviews to the site
  • Content updates: terms of employment, announcements
  • Team and fleet photo/video update
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